TransacTrade App

TransacTrade App

Your Network, Your Tools

We built this platform for you, enabling you to avoid the pitfalls & capture the opportunities in the market.

Market Access

Public Order Book

See buy and sell orders from across our entire network. Bid on these orders and connect with buyers and sellers around the world. Our concierge matching service ensures smooth transactions.

Fill Your Orders

Concierge Matching Service

When we match your order, one of our experienced team members will guide you through the process from engagement to closing the deal. We work for you.

Manage Your Order Flow

Order Management

We provide a complete order management system. You can enter your orders, manage all of the details, and communicate with our team, all through the app.

Always Secure

Secure & Confidential

Only general information about your order is shared in the public order book. You never have to share confidential information, and you always have the option to keep your orders private.

Going Above and Beyond

Information & Resources

We provide additional resources to keep you informed and up to date, including best-practices, our scams blog, and a blacklist of known bad actors.

How it Works:

  • As the foundation for our OTC desk, the app works the same way we do, it just streamlines the process in a secure and confidential way.
  • Approved Users – We approve all users before they have access to the platform.
  • We protect your relationships – users cannot see the names of other people, and there is no direct messaging between users on our platform.
  • Private Orders – no one can see anyone else’s orders unless they are published to the public order book.
  • Information is kept confidential – Orders in the public order book are anonymized, so other users can only see basic information such as quantity and discount.

Brett Coover

Managing Director